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J1480 Alden
Men’s Midweight Nylon/Fleece Jacket
J1735 Ward
Lightweight poly shell jacket with reflective tape
J1970 Seattle
Men’s Seam-Sealed Hooded Shell Jacket
J1990 Spokane
Men’s Lined Waterproof Packable Jacket
J2080 Wade
Men’s Half-Zip Windshirt
J2450 Veer
Lightweight windproof/water-resistant polyester shell windshirt.
J6350 Vital Bonded Soft Shell
Men's bonded soft shell jacket features a 2-layer construction of a stretch windproof/water-resistant 96% polyester/4% spandex outer shell.
J6355 Oslo
Men’s Bonded Soft Shell Hooded Jacket
J6380 Quest
Men’s soft shell bonded jacket features a 3-layer construction consists of a stretch windproof/water-resistant.
J8258 Canby Vest
Men’s Quilted Puffer Vest
J8850 Bellwood
Men’s Hooded Honeycomb Poly/Fleece Jacket
J8870 Aviator
Men’s Matte Satin Bomber Jacket
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